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Road/Transport Planning

Movement of people and goods are indispensable for social and economic activities and are crucial to the daily life of everyone. With the advancement of motorisation, motorcars dominate other transportation modes and roads are the infrastructure that support it. To fully utilise the traffic function of roads, in addition to transport planning like adoption of new mobility options and application of ITS, road traffic capacity optimisation and appropriate road planning are essential as well. We formulate proposals and carry out necessary research, design, planning and evaluation to enhance efficiency of roads.

Urban Planning

As diversification of needs and population decline continues, cities are required to prevail in the competition among global cities. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand the unique characteristics of the target city-region, and formulate feasible strategy to increase its competitiveness. Moreover, in order to shape a sustainable city, policy concerns in transportation cannot be left out. With extensive experiences related to urban development and transportation in both private and public sector, we outline researches and plans in the area of urban planning.

Parking-related Measures

Motor vehicle as a mean to carry people and deliver goods is essential nowadays. Just as the importance of roads where vehicles travelling on, car parks where vehicles staying in temporarily also have an increasingly significant role. With the background of changes in car usage, increased frequency of delivery due to the spread of e-commerce and so on, what our clients and the society demand is not just car park development against illegal on-street parking, but a comprehensive set of parking measures contributing to the town development. Formulation of parking rules based on the characteristics of the region/district and the accomplishment of a pleasant walking environment by vehicle demand management are some examples. We advise the most appropriate solution to you based on the wide range of experience we have in parking-related research, planning, digitalisation and policy formulation.


The development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has been remarkable.
ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), which is an adoption of ICT in infrastructure, is becoming popular as well. The world is moving into an era of IoT/IoE where all items are connected to the internet for exchanging and sharing data and information. Using the latest ICT achievements, we propose ICT utilisation strategy for infrastructure in different stages: from survey, design, planning and evaluation, to implementation and management.

Public Transport

As population ageing and population decline advances, a review on public transport network that conforms to social conditions is desired, in order to respond to the needs of movement of everyone and contribute to the formation of a sustainable city. Our solutions include research, design, planning and evaluation of new mobility options, for example local community-led and managed mobility services, C2C-type mobility like Uber and Grab, self-driving etc.

Traffic Information/Road Traffic Control

Road traffic is an important basic infrastructure that supports the nation’s economy. However, to deal with issues and problems like traffic congestion and traffic collision, it is required to maintain efficient, safe and secure, and smooth road traffic. From the adoption of ICT to collection, processing and analysis of traffic big data, we provide advisory on data-based traffic information and road traffic control through survey, design, planning, evaluation and management.

Policy Effectiveness Evaluation

Based on quantitative and qualitative verification, we evaluate objectively the effectiveness of policy adopted till then. With the evaluation result, we suggest appropriate modifications, reviews, etc.

Road Maintenance Management

After the period of rapid economic growth in Japan, the ‘stock’ of infrastructure has been enlarged and the maintenance of such has become an important issue. We offer research, planning and evaluation scheme to effectively conduct road maintenance management within a limited budget.


Airports and Harbour which are gateways to the world have an important role for the country. They act as the basis for economic development, revitalisation of local economy and industry, and international exchange. With the accelerated flow of people and goods around the world, for example the increase of foreign inbound tourists in Japan, we work with clients to conduct researches and plans on airport and harbour development.

Environment/CO2 Reduction

Environment impact of transport and reduction of CO2 emission are still key issues in Japan. Many measures have been put in place currently and we offer continuous evaluation on the measures and suggest advanced methods to further reduce CO2 emission.

Pilot Study/Experiment

For a smooth adoption or implementation of new projects and policies, it is recommend to have a pilot study/experiment involving the participation of residents and other stakeholders beforehand. We lay out methods and strategies to perform a pilot study/experiment in a selected place and period from research and planning to implementation and evaluation.


In recent years, bicycles are considered as a measure to lower environmental burden, promote health, advocate tourism, ease traffic congestion and so on. There is an increasing demand for bicycles as they are handy to use. On the other hand, issues like bike accidents, lowering of driving manners, abandoned bicycles etc. are becoming obvious. Based on the project achievement till now, we offer solutions on formulating Bicycle Master Plan, evaluating Bike-sharing program and to other matters related to bicycle as a transportation mode. Moreover, we provide recommendations on motorcycle parking which is considered an issue in the city center.

Private Development

In urban development projects and large-scale facility development projects, it is important to select appropriate methods based on a range of regulations on land use, urban planning and transport planning, as well as project-specific constraints. At the same time, it is crucial as well to reach consensus among administrative authorities and surrounding residents. Participated in various of advanced development projects in the past years, we offer solutions for smooth traffic handling through research, analysis, simulation and formulation of transportation plans. We also propose development approach with knowledge of urban planning, support coordination with the administrative authorities, etc.

Overseas Projects

As a group of Japanese-trained consultants, we make use of our knowledge and experience and participate in the research, design and planning of transportation and ITS projects overseas. Up till now, we have mainly engaged in Southeast Asia projects. Furthermore, we have established a local company in Vietnam in Dec 2016 and start providing consultancy and ICT/ITS services.