Traffic Engineer
Tatsuhiro YOKOSUKA
(横須賀 達博)
Personal Profile
Transportation/Traffic Engineer worked in widespread projects from traffic engineering to public transportation system review. Graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1991, Mr Yokosuka entered Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. and participated in different transportation projects. In 2004, He resigned from Pacific Consultants and joined Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd. as a Director/Principal Research Engineer.

Professional Engineer [P.E.Jp] (Civil Engineering)
  • Reg. Date 2 May 2003
  • Reg. No. 53988
  • Reg. Dept. Road Engineering

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    Work Experience / Project Highlights
    Director/Principal Research Engineer Oct 2004 - Now
    Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd

    Executed projects related to highway networks, transportation systems, motorcycles along with other technical work contributions. Provided input to researches on applicability of latest technology in transportation, such as contactless smart card ticketing system, ITS and so on. Below are some highlighted projects.
    • FY2016 Comprehensive Review on Transportation System in Shinjuku Station East Exit Area (Japan Transportation Planning Association)
    • FY2013 Research on Highway Network in Tokyo Metropolis (Bureau of Urban Dev., Tokyo Metro. Govt., Japan)
    • FY2012 Research on City Planning Road surrounding Tokyo Gaikan Expressway (Bureau of Urban Dev., Tokyo Metro. Govt., Japan)
    • FY2010 Review of Env. Facilities Belt Master Plan (Part 2) (Southern Part of North Tama Construction Office, Bureau of Construction, Tokyo Metro. Govt., Japan)
    • FY2009 Review on the Implementation Strategy of Low Carbon Society with the use of ITS in Urban Area (Bureau of Urban Dev., Tokyo Metro. Govt, Japan)
    • FY2008 Urban Transportation Planning Review (Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, MLIT, Japan)
    • FY2008 Pilot Study on Motorcycles (Office for Youth Affairs and Public Safety, Tokyo Metro. Govt., Japan)
    Consultant / Engineer Apr 1991 - Sep 2004
    Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.

    Taken part in diverse area of road transportation projects in Japan with a focus on road and highway traffic. Carried out research on Comprehensive Urban Transport System in local cities of Japan. Reviewed and evaluated the effectiveness of TDM and ITS in enhancing traffic network.
    Shibaura Institute of Technology Apr 1987 - Mar 1991
    College of Engineering

    Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering